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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


110 Beechwood Road
West Hartford, CT 06107
Phone: 860-231-5000
Fax: 860-521-6699

Julio Duarte, Principal 

Staff Directory

Main number: 860-231-5000


To reach a teacher or staff member, dial 860-231-5000 then enter Ext.xxxx


Direct lines (ext. 5000-5099) may be dialed direct: 860-929-XXXX


Department Name Title EXT* Email
Administration Julio Duarte Principal 5001 julio_duarte@whps.org
Administration Eileen Eustis Assistant Principal 5002 eileen_eustis@whps.org
Administration Jamahl Hines Assistant Principal 5004 jamahl_hines@whps.org
Administration Lindsay Tringali Assistant Principal 5003 lindsay_tringali@whps.org
Academic Resource Center        
Academic Resource Center Rudina Kosova Tutor 6138  
Art Pam Murphy Dept Supervisor   pam_murphy@whps.org
Art Jessica Fallis Teacher 6184 jessica_fallis@whps.org 
Art Brigid Kennedy Teacher 6182 brigid_kennedy@whps.org
Athletics Jason Siegal  Athletic Director 5041 jason_siegal@whps.org
Athletics Kerry Roller Assistant to AD 5042 kerry_roller@whps.org
Athletics                    Athletic Trainer 6145  
Athletics                    Athletic Trainer 6145  
Attendance Paola Mori Grades 9 & 10 5038 paola_mori@whps.org
Attendance Deb Roche Grades 11 & 12 5039 deborah_roche@whps.org

Attendance Hotline: 860-231-5000 ext. 6299

Business Ed Brian Cohen Dept Supervisor 5048 brian_cohen@whps.org
Business & Finance Holly Ruiz Teacher 6103 holly_ruiz@whps.org
Business & Finance Shonda Woessner Teacher 6281 shonda_woessner@whps.org
Cafeteria Laurie Ferreira Nutrition Manager 5060 laurie_ferreira@whps.org
Career Center Marisa Barry Coordinator 5046 marisa_barry@whps.org
Custodian John Ferreira Head Custodian 5061 john_ferreira@whps.org
English Tom Paleologopoulos Dept Supervisor 5053 tom_paleologopoulos@whps.org
English Daria Caruso Teacher 6253 daria_carusocondon@whps.org
English Emily Genser Teacher 6215 emily_genser@whps.org
English Tanya Kempf Teacher 6214 tanya_kempf@whps.org
English Cori Krause Teacher 6206 cori_krause@whps.org
English Natalie Leake Teacher   6211 natalie_leake@whps.org
English Hannah Marks-Hamilton Teacher 6204 hannah_marks-hamilton@whps.org
English Kristina Ortiz Teacher 6276 kristina_ortiz@whps.org
English Ramona Piretti Teacher 6274 ramona_puchalskipiretti@whps.org
English TJ Rush Teacher 6252 tj_rush@whps.org
English Michael Stepensky Teacher 6203 michael_stepensky@whps.org
English Ashley Theroux Teacher 6278 ashley_theroux@whps.org
English Cindy Vranich Teacher 6201 cindy_vranich@whps.org
ESOL Valeria Morron Teacher 6001 valeria_morron@whps.org
Fam/Con Science Brian Cohen Dept Supervisor 5048 brian_cohen@whps.org
Fam/Con Science Carla Case Teacher 6152 carla_case@whps.org
Fam/Con Science Kim Deep-McNamara Teacher 6151 kim_deep-mcnamara@whps.org
Fam/Con Science Pam Geyer Teacher 6142 pam_geyer@whps.org
ISS My Morse ISS Supervisor  6134  maryelizabeth_morse@whps.org
IT Barbara Gabriele IT 5063 barbara_gabriele@whps.org
IT Deb Piccolo IT 5062 deb_piccolo@whps.org
Library Circulation Desk   6107  
Library Kelly Casey Teacher-Librarian 6137 kelly_casey@whps.org
Library Rachel Tonucci Teacher-Librarian 6136 rachel_tonucci@whps.org
Main Office Elizabeth Novak Paraprofessional 5050 elizabeth_novak@whps.org
Main Office Kathi Cumella Secretary to Jamahl Hines & Eileen Eustis 5008 kathi_cumella@whps.org
Main Office Susan Galeota Clerk 5009 susan_galeota@whps.org
Main Office Laure Hamel Lead Secretary to Julio Duarte 5006 laure_hamel@whps.org
Main Office Kathy Hickey    Secretary to Lindsay Tringali 5007 kathy_hickey@whps.org
Main Office Cathy Jordan Admin Assistant 5005 cathy_jordan@whps.org
Math Michelle Graveline Dept Supervisor 6005 michelle_graveline@whps.org
Math Holly Banak Teacher 6172 holly_banak@whps.org
Math Heather Beattie-DeWitt Teacher 6173 heather_beattie-dewitt@whps.org
Math James Bryers PASS Teacher 6078  
Math Jackie Corricelli Teacher 6167 jackie_corricelli@whps.org
Math Holly D'Addario Teacher 6177 holly_daddario@whps.org
Math David Dippolino Teacher 6271 david_dippolino@whps.org
Math Debbie Hartshorn Teacher 6003 debbie_hartshorn@whps.org
Math Ann Marie Houlihan Teacher 6176 annmarie_houlihan@whps.org
Math Julie Jastremski Teacher 6179 julie_jastremski@whps.org
Math Michael McCarthy Teacher 6096 michael_mccarthy@whps.org
Math Noah Mealy Teacher 6175 noah_mealy@whps.org
Math Elyse Nevins Teacher 6174 elyse_nevins@whps.org
Math Brian Noel Teacher 6178 brian_noel@whps.org
Math Sanjay Rambhia Teacher 6168  sanjay_rambhia@whps.org
Math Andrea Rose Teacher 6170 andrea_rose@whps.org
Math Doug Sekorski Teacher 6015 douglas_sekorski@whps.org
Music Conard Music Infoline 860-231-5000 ext.6118     
Music Emmett Drake Teacher 6389 emmett_drake@whps.org 
Music Samuel Eurich Teacher 6119 samuel_eurich@whps.org
Music Alfredo Grado Teacher   alfredo_grado@whps.org 
Music Mary McSweeney Teacher 2986 mary_mcsweeney@whps.org
Music Scott Porter Teacher 6117 scott_porter@whps.org
Nurse Carrie Anderson Nurse 5015 carolyn_anderson@whps.org
Nurse Beth Vossler Nurse 5016 beth_vossler@whps.org
PE Lisa Daly Dept Supervisor    lisa_daly@whps.org
PE Matthew Cersosimo Teacher 6109 matthew_cersosimo@whps.org
PE Joshua Greenberg Teacher 6110 joshua_greenberg@whps.org
PE Tracie Kelly Teacher 6032 tracie_kelly@whps.org
PE Kerrie Massaro Teacher 6033 kerrie_massaro@whps.org
PE Ron Wziontko Teacher 6111 ron_wziontko@whps.org
Pupil Services Ted Dillon Pupil Sevices 5023 ted_dillon@whps.org
Pupil Services Melinda Calhoun Speech & Language 6120 melinda_calhoun@whps.org
Pupil Services Hatsie Casale Secretary 5024 hatsie_casale@whps.org
Pupil Services Carol DelTatto Pupil Services 6015 carol_deltatto@whps.org
Pupil Services Corinne Harrington Pupil Services 5019 corinne_harrington@whps.org
Pupil Services Kim Hoffman Social Worker 5022 kim_hoffman@whps.org
Pupil Services Eddie Litos Paraprofessional 6108  
Pupil Services Jennifer Jackson Paraprofessional 6213 jennifer_jackson@whps.org 
Pupil Services James Redman Pupil Services 6270 james_redman@whps.org
Pupil Services Joshua Richards School Psychologist 5020 joshua_richards@whps.org
Pupil Services  Joanne Ruggiero  Pupil Services 6104  joanne_ruggiero@whps.org
Pupil Services Lisa Schuck Social Worker 5021 lisa_schuck@whps.org
Pupil Services John Tracy Pupil Services 6121 john_tracy@whps.org
Pupil Services Tom Verrengia Paraprofessional 6076  
Pupil Services John Wilhelm Teaching Assistant   john_wilhelm@whps.org
REACH John Guidry Principal 5103 john_guidry@whps.org
REACH Jamahl Hines Dean of Students 5004 jamahl_hines@whps.org 
REACH Emily Archambault Lead Secretary 6009 emily_archambault@whps.org
REACH Corinne Byrne Teacher 6021 corinne_byrne@whps.org
REACH Matthew Collins Teacher 6085 matthew_collins@whps.org
REACH Steve Kowal Teacher 6023 steve_kowal@whps.org
REACH Jordan Rueckert Teacher 6022 jordan_rueckert@whps.org
REACH Carol Wilkas Teacher 6025 carol_wilkas@whps.org
REACH Beverly Yirigian Social Worker 6026 beverly_yirigian@whps.org
Reading Tara Taylor-Jackson Teacher 6050 tara_taylor-jackson@whps.org
School Counseling Tor Fiske Dept Supervisor 5034 tor_fiske@whps.org
School Counseling Kathryn DeJulius School Counselor 5035  kathryn_dejulius@whps.org
School Counseling Kate Deane School Counselor 5027 kate_deane@whps.org
School Counseling Dawn Hoblet School Counselor 5030 dawn_hoblet@whps.org
School Counseling Adam Linker School Counselor 5032 adam_linker@whps.org
School Counseling Kristin Mangini School Counselor 5029 kristin_mangini@whps.org
School Counseling Karen Mortensen School Counselor 5031 karen_mortensen@whps.org
School Counseling Alison Passafiume School Counselor 5028 alison_passafiume@whps.org
School Counseling Bob Segee School Counselor 5033 bob_segee@whps.org
School Counseling Intern Kate Dzurenda  Intern 5036 kate_dzurenda@whps.org 
School Counseling Intern Jessica Naples Intern 5037 jessica_naples@whps.org  
Registrar  Danielle McGee Registrar 5044 danielle_mcgee@whps.org
School Counseling Bella Glazer Paraprofessional 5025 bella_glazer@whps.org
School Counseling MaryAnn Hall Secretary 5026 maryann_hall@whps.org
Science Timothy Kessler Dept Supervisor 5049 timothy_kessler@whps.org
Science Gail Banwell Teacher 6273 gail_banwell@whps.org
Science Bill Condon Teacher 6231 bill_condon@whps.org
Science Keely Connery Teacher 6275 keely_connery@whps.org
Science Karen Contorno Teacher 6243 karen_contorno@whps.org
Science Tim Decker Teacher 6133 tim_decker@whps.org
Science Mary Edwards Teacher  6233 mary_edwards@whps.org
Science PJ Foley Teacher   6143 pj_foley@whps.org
Science Leslie Hadra Teacher 6222 leslie_hadra@whps.org
Science Virgil Handberry Teacher 6124 virgil_handberry@whps.org
Science Maureen Healey Teacher 6711 maureen_healey@whps.org 
Science Erik Kolodziej Teacher 6044 erik_kolodziej@whps.org
Science Steve Kowal Teacher 6083 steve_kowal@whps.org
Science Jennifer Lewis Teacher 6094  jennifer_lewis@whps.org
Science Bonnie Mayer Teacher 6241 bonnie_mayer@whps.org
Science Michael McGarry Teacher  6220  michael_mcgarry@whps.org 
Science Andrew Plantz Teacher 6132 andrew_plantz@whps.org
Science Marc Richard Teacher 6221 marc_richard@whps.org
Science Marcy Zacchea Teacher 6123 marcy_zacchea@whps.org
Security Officer Amanda Martin Resource Officer 5014  
Security Teddy Daglis Security 5013  
Security Pam Mooney Security 5013  
Security Steven Pepler Security 5013  
Social Studies Jessica Blitzer Dept Supervisor 5052 jessica_blitzer@whps.org
Social Studies Steve Bassi Teacher 6164 steve_bassi@whps.org
Social Studies Matthew Collins Teacher 6085 matthew_collins@whps.org
Social Studies Abigail Esposito Teacher 6112  abigail_esposito@whps.org
Social Studies Carrie Hess Teacher 6141 carrie_hess@whps.org
Social Studies Christopher Islaub Teacher 6114 chris_islaub@whps.org
Social Studies Tricia Lea Teacher 6074 tricia_lea@whps.org
Social Studies Jason Lussier Teacher 6163 jason_lussier@whps.org
Social Studies Daniel Marcoux Teacher 6165  daniel_marcoux@whps.org
Social Studies Nicole Niland Teacher 6162 nicole_niland@whps.org
Social Studies Theresa Oberst Teacher 6141 theresa_oberst@whps.org
Social Studies Sean O'Connor Teacher 6161 sean_o'connor@whps.org
Social Studies Alan Patterson Teacher 6160 alan_patterson@whps.org
Social Studies Remz Pokorny Teacher 6113 remz_pokorny@whps.org
Social Studies John Provencher Teacher 6086 john_provencher@whps.org
Special Education Ted Dillon Dept Supervisor 5023 ted_dillon@whps.org
Special Education  Hatsie Casale  Secretary  5024  hatsie_casale@whps.org 
Special Education Gail Costello Teacher 6202 gail_costello@whps.org
Special Education Neil Cummings Teacher 6269 neil_cummings@whps.org
Special Education Corinne Kravetz Teacher 6193 corinne_kravetz@whps.org
Special Education Wynne Lord Teacher 6089 wynne_lord@whps.org
Special Education Colleen Maher Teacher 6014 colleen_maher@whps.org
Special Education Maureen Mazzatto Teacher 6205 maureen_mazzatto@whps.org
Special Education Sam Rader Teacher 6268 sam_rader@whps.org
Special Education Ellen Sutherland Teacher 6055 ellen_sutherland@whps.org 
Technology Ed Brian Cohen Dept Supervisor 5048 brian_cohen@whps.org
Technology Ed Nick Adler Teacher 6515 nicholas_adler@whps.org 
Technology Ed James Genovese Teacher 6195 james_genovese@whps.org
Technology Ed Charles McDermott Teacher 6199 charles_mcdermott@whps.org 
Technology Ed Anthony Truss Teacher 6197 anthony_truss@whps.org
Theater Arts        
Theater Arts        
Corinne Kravetz Teacher 6193 corinne_kravetz@whps.org
World Language Meghan Zingle Dept Supervisor 6633 meghan_zingle@whps.org 
World Language George Coleman Teacher 6051 george_coleman@whps.org
World Language María DiPoi Teacher 6047 maria_dipoi@whps.org
World Language Mark Grudzien Teacher 6013 mark_grudzien@whps.org
World Language John Hegarty Teacher 6054 john_hegarty@whps.org
World Language Carmen Irizarry  Teacher 6004 carmen_irizarry@whps.org
World Language Angeles Kelly Teacher 6053 angeles_kelly@whps.org
World Language Jessie Li Teacher 6080 xinyu_li@whps.org
World Language Dana Martin Teacher 6052 dana_martin@whps.org
World Language Alison Peake Teacher 6002 alison_peake@whps.org
World Language Mick Posner Teacher 6078 michael_posner@whps.org
World Language Lynn Racz Teacher 6045 lynn_racz@whps.org
World Language Shiffon Theodorou Teacher 6056 shiffon_theodorou@whps.org 


West Hartford Public Schools

50 South Main St, West Hartford, CT  06107

T: 860-561-6600

F: 860-561-6910

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