September­-All About Me!

We are learning how to be in school and how to attend to lessons. We are focusing on identifying the letters of the alphabet, writing our names and getting to know our classmates. We will also be talking about Slow, Go and Whoa foods as part of our health unit.

October- –Apples

We will be working on phonemic awareness, talking about the changing seasons, starting job centers, having our boat regatta and going to Bushy Hill Orchard! We end this month with a Johnny Appleseed celebration. Oh and Halloween too!

November -– Harvest

We will be learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin, discussing pilgrims, Native Americans and the first Thanksgiving. We will continue our work with phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills. We will also enjoy a Harvest celebration together.

December- Gingerbread

We will be reading different versions of the classic story of the Gingerbread Man. We use these texts to learn about story elements and sequencing events of a story. Your child will also begin to participate in guided reading groups. We talk about the Holidays that take place at this time of year.

January- Homes and Shelters

We will be exploring different kinds of homes in various environments. Jan Brett is an author we focus on through this month continuing our work on story elements from December. We will read non fiction about bears and enjoy a Teddy Bear Picnic!

February – Is a Very Busy Month!

This is a month filled with many events! Students are applying their reading strategies through daily reading groups. We will learn about presidents, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day and celebrate 100 days of school!

March and April –- Mexico

We fly to Mexico early in the month and stay until the Cinco de Mayo celebration closes this unit. We are learning about different cultures, applying our knowledge of nonfiction study and learning lots of fun songs! We will make a Piñata, taste different Mexican dishes and learn un poco de Espanol.

May and June – Great Artists

All year long we have been building our skills and are ready to apply our knowledge of reading, writing and math to the Artist unit. We study many famous artists and create our own masterpieces. We will see some original works on a trip to the Hill Stead Museum. Our year will close with a beautiful Museum Night to showcase all of our hard work.